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Your Ticket to Software System
Superiority in a Digital World

As a

leading custom software development company in Malaysia

, we transform your ideas into motions. At Winnefy, we're not just envisioning the future; we're shaping it. We aimed to be the go-to provider for personalized system development in the B2B realm. Picture this – we're driving the digital transformation of businesses in manufacturing, factories, wholesalers, distributors, and more. Through our innovative system solutions that bring operational efficiency, continuous innovation, sales increment, and long-term development right to your doorstep.
Custom Sofware Development
Customized Software That We Provided

Customized Software
That We Provided

PRM Solution

A network marketing system that smoothens the entire business workflow. PRM Solution fully supports the work efficiency of each department by allocating a platform that connects to each department. It ensures all information is well-delivered to each department.

ERP System

Integrate and manage core business operations through Financial Management, HRM, SCM, CRM, Project Management, Asset Management, and Workflow Automation.

CRM System

Software designed to strengthen an organization’s interactions with customers through Contact Management, Lead Management, Customer Service, Sales Automation, And Marketing Automation.

Appointment System

An Instant Booking Apps that allows your Business to operate 24/7. Your customer may be waiting for your shop. With Booking Apps, your customers can enjoy the unlimited hours to enjoy your services.

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